Prototype 1 LRT Engine

Our first prototype VCR-DCE 4×72 have logged more than 100 operational hours since 2020.

The video beneath shows the engine, running at 1100 RPM, with a vineglass placed on the testbed.

VCR-DCE 4X72 Spesifications
Engine type Spark ignited 2 + 2 horizontally oposed cylinder banks, with double exhaust expansion and exhaust driven supercharger (auxiliary cylinders)
Fuel Petrol and several types of bio- and e-fuels
Number of main cylinders 4 (four stroke)
Number of aux cylinders 4 (working as expander and supercharger)
Stroke volum main cylinders: 1172 ccm
Stroke volum aux cylinders 1 090 ccm
Cylinder diameter 72 mm
Stroke length 72 mm
Variable compression ratio 7.0:1 to 14.3:1
Cooling system Water jacket
Controller system (ECU) KMS MP25
Crankshaft system Linear Rod Technology  (LRT)
Theoretical max shaft power 184 kW
Dry weight 105 kg  (depending on flywheel type)