Slide The innovation is under the surface

The industry has perfected ICE over the last hundred years. But have they had the right starting point?

We gave the ICE a new heart!

What if the traditional rotating crankshaft is the wrong startingpoint.  What if the more than 170 million internal combustion engines sold every year are all based on the wrong architectural solution?

The LRT engine architecture  have created  this new startingpoint. A startingpoint  where the core components is radical changed. With this new start , variable compression and double exhaust expansion is implemented in one holistic engine design.

Our ICE design have changed the core components under the waterline.  Created new movements and giving the industry  new tools to improve fuel efficiency, whatever the fuel is. It`s creating a new roadmap to a sustainable future !

Interested in how it`s done ?

The buttons below give you a more technical decription on the mechanical principles.

Linear Rod Technology
Prototype Specifications