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Our portfolio of innovations and intellectual property rights

Patentec is based on the idea “innovative engineering” under the belief that we have to bring something really new to the table.  If we are going to do it, we have to solve something that haven`t been solved before.  It has to be of commercial significans and it must be possible to secure our IPR.

Our portfolio of innovations all fulfill  these criterias.

LRT Engine

LRT engine architecture is patented in a lot of markets throughout the world. The EPO patent were granted  22th of July 2020  with European Patent NO 3517755. National validation under Patent Commity Treaty (PCT) is  progress and this includes a total of 42 countries with a population of 5.5  Billion people.

The US patent issued 21.09.2021 with US Patent No. 11,125,152 .

Patentec has no intension to produce engines ourselves and are seeking licensing partners to implement the LRT engine technology in a wide range of  application areas.

We are in the business to licence this technology, not building commercial engines.


Quicktorc is a handheld tool, spesialized to automate the tensioning bolts in high integrity flange connections with significant reduction in time compared to traditional tools used by the industry. The IPR is located in a company owned by Patentec.

Patent under PCT was granted the summer of 2020 and national validation is ongoing in a number of important markets.