Slide and a wide range of application areas LRT Engine - A new engine architecture

A technological architecture – Scalable and adaptabel

LRT engine architecture is a remarkable technology that`s has a practical and feasible technical solution to not only one, but two of the engine industries “wholy grales”. Variable compression ratio and double expansion; in one compact and lightweight unit. Achieved by “changing the engines heart.”

The LRT engine could be designed as a spark ignited (SI) or a compression ignited (CI) engine. And the geometric variable compression will work with both configurations to secure true multifuel properties.

The LRT architecture offers great opportunities to scale the core components of the engines due to a few constraints.   There is no practical limits to the size of the engine, and you may design a small engine with  a few HP and large ship engines with ten thousands of HP.  Choose your preffered ignition mode (CI /SI) and you have a flexible plattform to taylor the engine  according to your own spesifications.